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1. Threading Activity:

Fine motors skills threading pasta.

2. Fine Motor Skills:


Activity 1: Click Here:  Fine Motor with Spagetti & Cheerios

Activity 2: Click Here: Fine motor activity using pastaFeed the Sheep 


Activity 3Click Here: Sensory play activity-Milking the cow Activity


Activity 4Click Here: Tearing and scrunching up paper


Activity 5Click Here: Whisk and Pom Pom Activity 


Activity 6Click Here: Shoebox Posting Activity

Activity 7Click Here: Cheerios Fine Motor

Activity 8Click Here: Sun Clothes Peg Activity

Activity 9Click Here: Fine motor hair cutting

Activity 10Click Here: Pegging Activity

Activity 11Click Here: Following the Line (Car play and Balance)

Activity 12Click Here: Cutting Skills (Straw Hedgehog)

Activity 13Click Here: Spray Bottle Art

Activity 14Click Here: Transferring Activity

Activity 15Click Here: Sticker Activity

Activity 16Click Here: Colouring Activity (On Wall)

Activity 17Click Here: Sticky Tape Animal Rescue

Activity 18Click Here: Cloud and Rain

Activity 19Click Here: Jar lesson

Activity 20Click Here: Cleaning Activity

Activity 21Click Here: Folding Paper

Activity 22Click Here: Elastic band exercise

Activity 23Click Here: Folding activity

Activity 24Click Here: Pasta lesson

Activity 25Click Here: Pasta play

Activity 26Click Here: Paper clip lesson

Activity 27Click Here: Whisking Bubbles

Activity 28Click Here: Mini fizzy volcanoes

Activity 29Click Here: Clothes Peg Sun Letter Matching

Activity 30Click Here: Pom Poms & Clothes Pegs

Activity 31Click Here: Lollipop Stick Stacking

Activity 32Click Here: Lollipop Stick Stacking

Activity 33Click Here: Threading Card

Activity 34Click Here: Pasta and Cheerio Threading

please note

We would advise that the most beneficial way to view these modules is in chronological order as this will give the user a more complete perspective on that particular subject. For example the presentation in the area of anxiety is designed to introduce the viewer to the topic of anxiety and moves on to anxiety and autism, causes and strategies and finally information on how to manage anxiety. Many of the other presentations are also presented in this way.


Brightening the future for autistic children & their families

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