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about our family support service

When your child receives a diagnosis of autism it can be a challenging time for parents as they try to navigate their way through the areas of education, entitlements and services. Many parents are caught up in the emotion of the diagnosis which is totally understandable as they come to grips with their new situation.

the shine family support service

The Shine Family Support Service works with parents on the practicalities of dealing with the diagnosis of autism and ensuring that they have the information they require in the areas of services, entitlements, education and support services. Many parents simply don’t know where to start with the number of forms to be completed and the amount of red tape to be negotiated. This just adds more stress to an already stressful situation. Parent’s will soon learn that they will have to actively apply for these entitlements and services as there
is no automatic entitlement to any of these benefits and supports. We also know that diagnosis is just the start of the journey and the Family Support Service is always available to work with parents when problems or issues arise as your child gets older. We are available to advise and support parents when they need help in overcoming a particular difficulty or to offer ongoing support if required.

how the service can assist you

General Advice:
• Assisting parents in understanding “what happens next” and how to move forward to secure services, entitlements and appropriate educational provision.
• The processes involved in applying for allowances and entitlements.
• Advising and assisting parents with any issues that may arise that directly affect their child. For example the withdrawal of a particular service or difficulties in the areas of education and entitlements.

The Family Support Service will help you to identify the allowances and payments that you are entitled to and can assist parents with the application process if required.
• Application for Domiciliary Care Allowance (DCA)
• Application for Carers Allowance
• Application for Disability Allowance (Children over 16 years)
• Applying for the Incapacitated Child Credit

contacting our family support team

You can contact our Family Support Team on 021 4377052 or via email below:
Kieran Kennedy – Family Support Service Manager:

Ellu Cooney Kuldkepp – Support & Training Coordinator:

Sirli Sademe Family Support Officer:


The Family Support Service operates Monday to Friday 9.30 to 4.30 and can be contacted on
021 4377052 or by email on

interested in our family support service?


Brightening the future for autistic children & their families

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