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Sensory activities for children with autism are important on a daily basis to help regulate the sensory system. Sensory activities for children include fine motor and gross motor activities as well as a range of toys and other activities such as kinetic sand, water play and dry messy play. They are fun and can promote increase learning, interaction and communication.


part 1: sensory activities

Activity 1: Click Here: Dry messy play

Activity 2: Click Here: Rice Play

Activity 3Click Here: Pasta play lesson

Activity 4Click Here: Yoga and Sensory Kinetic Sand

Activity 5Click Here: Theraputty

Activity 6Click Here: Pom poms- transferring exercise

Activity 7Click Here: Therapy Ball Bouncing 

Activity 8Click Here: Walk outs on peanut ball

Activity 9Click Here: Crawling through a tunnel

Activity 10Click Here: Therapy ball Rolling

part 2: sensory play

Activity 1: Click Here: Section 7 Homemade rainmaker

Activity 2: Click Here: Section 7 Marble Painting (1)

Activity 3: Click Here: Section 7- Footprint painting

Activity 4: Click Here: Section 7- scented playdoh

Activity 5: Click Here: Section 7- Shaving foam and paint

please note

We would advise that the most beneficial way to view these modules is in chronological order as this will give the user a more complete perspective on that particular subject. For example the presentation in the area of anxiety is designed to introduce the viewer to the topic of anxiety and moves on to anxiety and autism, causes and strategies and finally information on how to manage anxiety. Many of the other presentations are also presented in this way.


Brightening the future for autistic children & their families

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