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A visual schedule is a picture or written representation of tasks and activities.  They are very beneficial for breaking down tasks.  They can be used to help children understand and manage the daily activities that they will be carrying out. They give the child some security, structure and predictability to their day.  They can increase independence, improve receptive language  and can help when teaching flexibility.

1. Using a Visual Schedule 2- 3 pictures: 

Grace demonstrates how to use a visual schedule using 2-3 pictures:

PDF: Click Here:   Visual Schedule 2-3 pics 

2. Using a Visual Schedule 3-4 pictures: 

Grace demonstrates how to use a visual schedule using 3-4 pictures:

PDF: Click Here:   Visual Schedules 3-4 Pictures 

please note

We would advise that the most beneficial way to view these modules is in chronological order as this will give the user a more complete perspective on that particular subject. For example the presentation in the area of anxiety is designed to introduce the viewer to the topic of anxiety and moves on to anxiety and autism, causes and strategies and finally information on how to manage anxiety. Many of the other presentations are also presented in this way.


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