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Social Skills App Now Available in the App Store for iPad

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Social Skills for Autism “Mission Rescue Kloog” is now available in the Apple App Store. Search for Social Skills for Autism in the Education section.

About the Social Skills for Autism App:

The Social Skills for Autism App “Mission Rescue

The app is designed for tablets only and aims to teach practical social skills to children, adolescents and teenagers with high functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome in a fun and reward driven way. The app has 17 individual lesson plans with each one covering a required social skill. It is highly recommended that the user completes the app with the assistance of a parent, guardian, Teacher or assistant to maximise both learning and comprehension. It’s also great fun and a really nice way to learn together.

The app is both creative and innovative and introduces the concept of content sensitivity to the user. Understanding is constantly tested during the app with a series of fun quizzes and “Let’s Discuss” sections throughout where the user discusses what they have learned and the user can also unlock a reward each time they complete a lesson plan.

3 Missions & 17 Lesson Plans:  Here is an example of Mission 2:


The app is based around a central character called Kloog the alien whose spaceship crash lands on Earth. Kloog is totally unfamiliar with our social skills and customs. The app user must help Kloog who is a slightly clumsy but lovable alien through the series of 17 lesson plans, the “Let’s Discuss” sections and quizzes so that he can get parts and fuel for his ship and return to his home planet. When the user successfully completes a full mission they can also unlock a funny video featuring Kloog.

The Social Skills for Autism app has been developed by the Shine Centre for Autism in Ireland and is based on the very successful “PALS” (Personal & Life Skills Programme) that has been running at the Centre since 2010.

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