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Shine Launches Projects for 2017

At Shine our building is always busy with every space in every room used but we need more facilities to help our children grow and develop. So we need to think a little differently about how we can achieve this.

Here are details of the projects that we hope to develop in 2017.

Project 1:  Play Therapy & Life Skills Room:

At Shine we know that our children would benefit hugely form a Paly Therapy room. Children with autism can learn through play as it increases their tolerance to others, helps them to self manage their behaviours and can address sensory issues that interferes with their ability to stay connected to the world around them. Learning is a little different for children with autism so play can enhance their ability to communicate and interact with other children and their tutors. They can also have lots and lots of fun!!


As we have no room in our current building we want to construct a Play Therapy Cabin in a space in our garden. This high spec cabin (pictured) will be connected via a walkway to the main building so that our children can interchange easily between buildings. We feel that the addition of a Play Therapy Room will have a transformative effect on the many children who currently attend Shine and many many more who will follow in years to come.

Estimated Project Cost: €24,000.00

Project 2:  Social Skills & Life Skills Room (For teenagers)

The Social & Life Skills Room if for adolescents and young teenagers with autism who because of their diagnosis of autism find it really difficult to develop friendships and socialise. The result for these children can very often be social isolation, anxiety, depression and in extreme cases self harm. These kids want to be social but just don’t have the natural skills to do so. The Social & Life Skills room will bring groups of these kids together in a safe and low stress environment. The kids can relax and talk to each other or can opt out to a safe space in the room if they are feeling anxious or vulnerable. Facilitators will work with the kids to improve their social skills and friendship skills and the ultimate goal is that lasting and mutually fulfilling friendships are formed between these kids. At Shine we know that “different doesn’t mean less” and that all children are entitled to an opportunity to form friendships and relationships with others.


So once again we don’t have enough space in our existing building. Lucky that we have a big garden : ) Once again we want to site a high spec Social Skills & Life Skills cabin in a space in our garden. It will be connected back to the main building via a walkway allowing easy access between both buildings. The cabin will be equipped with beanbags, seating, games, and life skills equipment for tea, coffee and preparing snacks. The cabin will also have a quite room for kids who may need to take a break at any stage.

Estimated Project Cost:  €29,000.00

We would love to hear from potential funders, remember every building starts with the first brick so no offer of help is too small… thank you.


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