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Reopening Update ELU

Re-opening Update: Infection Prevention & Control Covid-19 Pandemic:

The Shine Early Learning Unit has followed the the infection prevention and control guidance, policies and procedures and protocols for the re-opening of childcare settings during the Covid-19 Pandemic provided by the HSE, NPSC and TUSLA .

It is important for parents and for those who deliver childcare to accept that no interpersonal activity is without risk of transmission of infection at any time. Parents must understand that some level of risk of infection is unavoidable as a part of a normal childhood. However, parents are very different with respect to their tolerance of infection risk and ability to accept infection and the harm it causes. Therefore, it is important that all of our parents have a clear understanding of the benefits and risk of childcare and that it is not possible to guarantee that infection can be prevented in any setting either in a childcare centre, school or in the home.

You Can Read Information & Guidance for the Parents/Guardians of Children Attending the Shine Early Learning Unit during the Covid-19 Pandemic here:


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