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Launch of Shine Educate

We are pleased to announce the launch of Shine Educate.

Shine Educate is a training and information portal that has been developed by Shine Ireland to provide online training and webinars for children, parents, carers and professionals with evidence based training and informational programmes. In the coming weeks and months Shine Educate will feature range of informational and training presentations on autism related topics from the Shine team and from external contributors as well as downloadable resources and E-books. The site currently features the PALS (Personal & Life Skills) programme and webinars in the areas of Stress and Autism and Autism and Behaviour.

The Spectrum Sisterhood is new programme specifically designed for girls on the spectrum is due to launch on Shine Educate in September 2021. There are also a number of online Parent Forum events also planned in September and October 2021.

Keep up to date on all upcoming events on Shine Educate by registering for our Newsletter Here


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