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Jennifer O’Toole of Asperkids Joins The Smarter Senses Advisory Board

Denis Collins the Chairman of the Smarter Senses Project is pleased to announce that Jennifer O’Toole the world renowned author and autism advocate has joined the Advisory Board of the project. Jennifer is the author of the bestselling Asperkids series of books and a much sought after speaker on the subject of Autism and Asperger Syndrome and has lectured on the subject across the USA and Europe. Jennifer will work in an advisory capacity with the Board of the Smarter Senses Project and offer her experience and expertise on continuing the development of the Portal Project.

“I am delighted to welcome Jennifer O’Toole to the Advisory Board of the Smarter Senses Project. Jennifer is an inspiration to persons with autism and has achieved great things in her work as an author, speaker and advocate. I am certain that Jennifer will make a fantastic contribution to our work and is a very welcome addition to the Smarter Senses team. The Smarter Senses vision continues to grow in global relevance and impact, and is producing a unique, collaborative team across industry, academia, government and public sector driving results to benefit children with autism both nationally and internationally and Jennifer will bring a new and exciting perspective to our work”.

Denis Collins Chairman of the Smarter Senses Project.

About Jennifer O’Toole


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Jennifer O’Toole is the winner of the Autism Society of America’s 2014 Outstanding Literary Work of the Year, the 2012 Temple Grandin Award, a recipient of GRASP’s 2012 Distinguished Spectrumite Medal, 2012 AuKids Speaker of the Year, and a nominee for the 2012 Autism Society Book Award and Godiva’s Woman of the Year. O’Toole was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in adulthood, is the mother of three Asperkids, the wife of an Aspie, an award-winning educator and author of the internationally- celebrated Asperkids series of books all of which are Amazon bestsellers. She now keynotes internationally, including for the Autism Society of America’s National Conference, the North American Montessori Teachers’ Association, The National Inclusion Project, the UK’s National Autistic Society, Ireland’s SHINE, Denmark’s Sikon, and at conferences alongside Dr. Temple Grandin and Tony Attwood. O’Toole graduated with honors from Brown University and has since studied at the Graduate School of Social Work at Columbia University and Graduate School of Education at Queens University. Jennifer lives in North Carolina USA with her family.

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