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Foster Carers for Ben (Aged 4)

TUSLA are looking for Foster Carers & Potential Foster Carers for Ben (Aged 4)

For a bright, affectionate 4 year old boy who has a diagnosis of childhood autism and developmental delay who needs a lot of attention. Ben is loving and has lots of hugs and smiles to offer.

Ben sleeps well at night and is full of energy in the morning for the outdoors. He is an active child who doesn’t talk but craves attention and responds well to it. He can find it difficult to communicate, and can become frustrated at times. If he cannot communicate, patience and understanding will help him to stay calm.   He can occupy himself with certain actions and objects. He loves his specialised preschool where he fits in very well and gets along well with others. Ben will have a special school placement in September which will support his development and progress.

Ben needs a family who is committed and dependable, and has the capacity and resilience to build and maintain a trusting relationship with him.


If you think you have the energy and commitment to help Ben, either in a full-time or a respite capacity and are interested in learning more please contact Christina O’Brien or Frank Murphy by 30th June 2017 on 021-4923025



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