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Living with Asperger’s Syndrome – University College Cork (UCC)

A new 8 week course entitled “Living with Asperger’s Syndrome” will begin in UCC on the 26th of January.

  1. What is Asperger Syndrome?

  2. Is it the same as high functioning autism?

  3. What does it mean to be ‘on the spectrum’?

This course has been designed to explore these questions, as well as what life is like for people who have been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome can be confusing, both for the person themselves and their families.

Course Title: Living with Asperger’s Syndrome

College: Adult Continuing Education

Duration: 8 weeks – Monday 7-9pm, 26 January to 16 March 2015

Teaching Mode: Part-Time

Illustrated Lectures/Class Discussions and Field Trip

Qualifications: Cert of Attendance

NFQ Level: N/A

Costs: €200

Entry Requirements: Applicants must be over 18 years of age by course commencement

Course Code: sc28

Closing Date: Friday 16 January 2015


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