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About this portal

This information and training portal is designed to cover many of the topics that we feel will assist parents in building their understanding and skills in providing help and assistance to their children with autism. For example, the portal contains modules on understanding autism which covers the diagnostic process,  the characteristics of autism and how to identify early indications of the condition. It also explains the Dyad of impairments and the diagnostic criteria identified in the DSM 5 assessment. It also explains the diagnostic terms used in the diagnostic process that parents can often find both confusing and overwhelming.  In the area of Social Skills we look at the assessment of social skills, barriers, the  pre-requisites for social skills training and programmes that can assist in social skills development. While the Early Learning Resources section offers practical programmes to develop fine motor skills and arts and crafts activities. Many of our users may have been directed to the site by a member of the Shine team and we would ask that you would follow any recommendations guidance or advice you have received on the use of resources on the site.


About Autism

Social Skills

Understanding Anxiety

Communication & Sensory


Parent Wellbeing & Support


Social Skills App Series


Early Learning Resources


Accessing The Workplace Programme

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We would advise that the most beneficial way to view these modules is in chronological order as this will give the user a more complete perspective on that particular subject. For example the presentation in the area of anxiety is designed to introduce the viewer to the topic of anxiety and moves on to anxiety and autism, causes and strategies and finally information on how to manage anxiety. Many of the other presentations are also presented in this way.


Brightening the future for autistic children & their families

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